*Insurance is not processed until payment is made*

*File 3 weeks prior to departure to ensure coverage*

*Download newest forms before filing*

We regret that we are temporarily unable to process insurance for U.S. teams serving domestically.  In the meantime, we suggest that those teams seek coverage through Brotherhood Mutual ($31/person flat fee) here.  All teams serving outside the U.S. may continue to use our normal process described below.

  1. Choose the type of insurance you need. $10,000 $25,000 and $50,000 are the basic insurance plans. If you will be traveling via motorcycles or your group will be participating in activities such as zip lines, you will need the Sports insurance.

  2. There is a $15 per person application fee for each mission Journey.

  3. As of 1/1/17 $10K costs $2.00 per person per day.
    $25K is $2.25 per person per day.
    $50K is $2.50 per person per day.
    $10K Sports costs $2.50 per person per day.
    $25K Sports is $2.75 per person per day.
    (Persons 80+ years of age are only eligible for $10K coverage)

  4. Each team member downloads and completes the Individual Insurance Application form using Microsoft Word. The completed form is printed and signed by the team member and a witness. It is suggested a team member keep a copy of their application before providing the original to the team leader.

  5. Collect the forms and insurance payment from each team member.

  6. Download the Group Insurance Application spreadsheet. Use the information from the Individual Applications to fill in the spreadsheet using Excel. Excel performs the payment calculations based on your dates of trip and insurance rate chosen. Send the Group Application spreadsheet in Excel format (.xls or .xlsx) and scans of all the Individual Applications (.pdf) to Please include all the days of travel. If members of your group are traveling on different dates, please submit a separate spreadsheet for each set of travel dates.

  7. Pay for your insurance with a credit card through PaymentSpring, our secured payment application.

  8. Questions? Email your questions to